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two red trees

Seemingly there is a growing trend away from art in some circles. The circle you would least expect.

The intelligentsia set, particularly in the United States and Europe.

No longer is it deemed necessary to know the difference, however passing, between French Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism. No one will regard you any less if you don’t.

And in these circles, perception is everything.

Most likely you will be asked about race trends as depicted in Marvel comics or the latest developments in TV soaps like ‘Game of Thrones’.

I don’t know how true all this is, but it is a slightly worrying development.

Perhaps it could be seen as just another symptom of a general dumb’ing down that has been gathering pace now for some years?

Or perhaps it might be just some newspaper editor with column space to fill and they’ve decided to go for the controversial. Come to think of it I didn’t see any statistics to back up this claim?

What do you think? And does it really matter?

Regardless, I will keep painting.

Life is a big wheel and what goes around come around.

Enjoy your week.

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