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Virtual reality


Me, I like reading. I like reading the guardian newspaper online. The culture section is pretty good. But reading articles online is a poor substitute to books, to the feel of paper between your fingers.

For me, at least. I’m a bit of a traditionalist in that sense.

If I was to formulate a clumsy metaphor – it’s akin to having food fed through an intravenous drip as opposed to sitting down at a table with a knife and fork.

The end result is the same, you’re fed, but the experience is different. Granted my example may be a tad on the extreme side, but you get the picture.

Speaking of which…


Brilliant looking at works of art online, but again, poor substitute for standing in front of the real thing and seeing the warts and all.

In my paintings there are plenty of warts…I just call them features when I’m in marketing mode.

This is why I do have a returns policy if you buy. If you’re not a hundred and ten percent happy, then I’m not either.

The virtual world can be deceiving sometimes, and thankfully this is not a dating site.

So catch them here..And if one tickles your fancy – drop me a line.

Rainy July day here. But the rain is warm (ish).

Count our blessings.

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